Cricket Mascots: Characters That Represent IPL Teams

There is one thing that makes the Indian Premier League (IPL) stand out, and that is the fact that it is cricket in the form of a carnival, in colors, and in celebration of sportsmanship. Whereas the glitzy outfits of the players and their flamboyant performances grab the limelight, there are lots of unsung heroes who add a pinch of fun and passion to the tournament – the cricket mascots. This article will escort you on an unforgettable journey into the mascots of the IPL and will reveal to you the reasons behind their significance and also offer some useful tools for cricket fans.

The Magic of Mascots

In a nutshell, mascots are not just a person dressed in a character suit but the symbol of the team’s soul and identity. They are the team’s spirit, interact with the audience, and make the spectators’ experience more thrilling in the stadium. Ranging from Kings XI Punjab’s ‘Shera’ to Royal Challengers Bangalore’s ‘Chinnaswamy,’ all mascots boast a distinctive tale to share.

Life Hack: Athletic teams usually have their mascots. These mascots are used to create public awareness about the team and give the members a unique identity. So, for a better experience with your favorite team, make yourself familiar with its mascot and other details. Besides making the games to be more fun and interesting, this will also give you the chance to understand the team’s culture.

The Characters Behind the Teams

‘Shera’ – Kings XI Punjab: Shedding light on the lion as her name Shera (‘lion’) stands for bravery and power. He is the epitome of a never-tiring, fearless leader of the team, always ready to face any challenge.

‘Chinnaswamy’ – Royal Challengers Bangalore: The mascot of this team is a lion named after the stadium where the team plays its matches, Chinnaswamy, and this lion depicts power and resilience. He is usually the big guy in the front of the stage, constantly getting the crowd hyped up with his amazing dance moves.

‘Mahi’ – Chennai Super Kings: Mahi, the lion, is the mascot of the team; it is named after CSK’s captain MS Dhoni. He personifies the team’s skillset and the team’s style of play.

The game can be more entertaining for you if you try to figure out the meanings behind the names and the characters of the mascots.

The Role of Mascots

Every IPL game is a party to the mascots. They are not only for the decoration of the parade but also play an active role. They are mostly aimed at entertaining children. They contribute to the exciting mood in the stadium by making the game even more fun and fairly entertaining for the fans. Mascots can do anything from cheering the team’s anthem to impersonating funny skits and they entertain the audience all through the match.


And aside from sharing these pictures on social media, such activity would help you to connect with the other supporters of your team. It helps to promote your club and make you feel like you’re part of the bigger fan family. In conclusion, be sure to take a picture of the team logo during your next IPL game and share it with your friends.

Mascots and Betting

Nevertheless, the mascots don’t directly determine the game outcome but they increase the atmosphere, which can play a role in the players’ morale and, in consequence, their performance. Accordingly, they become indirect participants in the betting. For those who like sports line betting, I think discovering the impact of mascots in games is an interesting way to make the bets more interesting.


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The mascots are one of the important constituents of the IPL that turns the tournament into a colorful and entertaining view. They are the team’s, soul, which is connected with fans and creates an active environment. Therefore, the next time you look at an IPL game, don’t forget to say “hello” to your team’s mascot. And, ultimately, they are the uncelebrated ones who steer IPL through the turbulent waters.

Keep in mind cricket is not only numbers and markers, but it is a passion, spirit, and love which are into the game. Mascots symbolize the true spirit of the IPL, so it’s no surprise that their presence makes the IPL an ever-memorable event.